The Skycourt

November 2018

Comfortable living high on functionality
with a combination of wood and mirror

The small 1500 square foot apartment is an ideal retreat that allows one to fully disconnect and relax. We've consolidated the needs of the client with multifunctional furnishings and innovative strategies for the contemporary living. Despite low ceilings and irregular AC boxing, we have uplifted the space through color, mirrors and decor. All the furniture was custom-made & designed by Chalk Studio.

Living Area

A formal living area with one 4 seater sofa and 2 armchairs make the space intimate and cozy. Working with a neutral palette made way for playing with color in the cushions, carpets, and paintings. Using a combination of rust and deep maroon, the cushions bring life to the living area. The 'vestiges' wool hand-knotted rug from Jaipur Rugs anchors the furniture setting. The display area behind the armchairs enhances the space by adding a hint of sparkle, glamor and lavishness.


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