The Sky Salon

May 2019

Modern lines with minimal furniture
and soft tones of color

An intimate space of 650sq. ft. space has a reception and waiting area, hair cut area, pedicure and shampoo station, waxing station and a toilet. We have used modern lines with minimal furniture and soft tones of color with the best-in-class technology and amenities. We have used colors like flamingo pink and saffron to elevate the space.


We have used wood and metal together to create a fusion of natural and industrial look for a perfect matrimony of balance and wholesomeness. The main reception wall is made up of small panels. Partitions are made of metal with solid wood partitions and glass, allowing partial viewing of the salon from the reception area. This screen frames the reception area on either side. The flamingo pink sofa makes for a fun spot for customers to wait before going in. The reception desk is made with solid wood panels and white corian marble.


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