Park Cafe


Modern eclectic chic space designed to
cater to mid-day snacks and casual dining

A restaurant is much more than just the food - it's also the ambience and the decor that draws people in. We've tried to achieve the feeling of belongingness in this space, by keeping the palette subtle and vibrant with hues of forest green.

This 1500 sq. ft. space offers a comfortable and fun environment for all age groups as it is a fusion of a bar, coffee shop, bakery and formal dining. We have designed the space by using a blend of materials like Corian marble, white ash wood, bamboo, polished concrete, black metal, subtle brown-grey wallpaper, and green fabric that adds vibrancy and versatility to the design. There is a ball pit area tucked in the extreme right-hand corner of the space. The seating area in the extreme left has a display shelf behind it, with easy access to stuff toys and board games. There is a chalk board as well, where kids can draw and let their inner Picasso come to life.


The bar has 2 levels — one for drinking at 750mm and one for displaying baked goods at 1000mm. The bar die is made of cylindrical bamboo plank and corian marble. The backdrop has three ocean-themed paintings, inset in molding that contrast with the forest green theme of the café. The bottle display in the back creates a sense of linearity in the space.

Opposite the bar is a banquette with nesting tables that cater to a single person or a couple. The backdrop has quirky quotes that set the tone for the café upon entering the space. The circular column has shelves of different sizes at different levels that can be used for displaying and selling merchandise.


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