Ipsaa Aerocity

September 2019

A cheerful and fun
environment for children

In a bid to stand out amongst the other daycare centers in the city, the Aerocity center was designed around the circular wooden tree. This 1300 sq.ft. space has a small reception area, breastfeeding area, play and dining area, 2 classrooms and one nap room in addition to the pantry and toilet.

Play Area

The wooden tree takes the limelight with the branch-like structure going into the ceiling; and providing "shade" to the circular desk under it. The inspiration comes from nature, where children play and read under the tree. We've attempted to recreate that feeling of euphoria and excitement in this indoor space. Additionally, keeping in mind the ispaa colors - purple, yellow and orange, we've added other neutral colors to balance out the color palette. We collaborated with the graphic designer - Saumya Mittal for the graphics on the wall. The vinyl flooring has been used in a way to showcase movement and activity. The seating & storage unit in the play area makes for a fun seating spot & an interactive area.


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