Golf Salon

January 2020

A chic salon with an industrial flair

An intimate space of 880 sq. ft. space has a reception and waiting area, hair cut area to cater to 6 people at a time, pedicure and shampoo stations, treatment rooms, staff room and a toilet. We have used wood, metal and marble in the space.


The arch shape has been used in the opening into the salon area and on the logo wall which features an asymmetrical arch culminating into a statement planter. The planter acts as a focal point and adds color to the overall space. The reception desk is finished in Corian marble and white oak wooden battens. The round edges of the carpet and the chairs enhance the softness. Lighting is a combination of ambient, task and accent.

The journey of relaxation and rejuvenation begins right from the reception given the soothing palette and emphasis on the greens.


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