Are you looking to renovate your office space? Every business dreams of an incredible office layout that has that fun element too. When it comes to office interior contractors in Gurgaon, Chalk Studio is your one stop destination. The studio has a team of top architects in Gurgaon and offers customized solutions keeping your business and its specific needs in mind. The entire process right from conceptualization to execution is made hassle free for clients.

Chalk studio with its creative and passionate design experts helps transform your business space into a very welcoming and highly functional area. A workplace that aptly showcases elements which signify your brand, brings in positive vibes, enhances customer engagement and improves your business productivity. And last but not the least; you get an office that your employees would love to call their second home. Trust Chalk Studio for turnkey designing and execution!

Here’s a quick list of pointers you should keep in mind for a great office design:

Style that showcases the mission of your business - Your office space is the soul of your business. While designing the interiors of your office, it is important that the design mirrors your company’s goals. The challenge of exactly pinning down the style may often be challenging. However, with an expert office interior designer firm like Chalk Studio you can be assured of adequately customized work spaces that truly reflect your business and its style!

Creating comfortable spaces - Individuals spend long hours at work. What can be more rewarding for your employees than an office environment that is home like cozy? Choosing comfortable furniture that offers flexibility of postures sends out the message that you care for your employees. Add massage chairs, plush sofas and other ergonomic pieces of furniture to your workspace and witness its positive impact on work efficiency.

Light it up - Lighting plays a vital role in office interior design. One light is not a suitable fit for all times. While bright, white light makes employees feel awake and more focused adding to productivity, its important to add that dim light to your design so that they can take that much needed screen break and relax.

Inspirational colours and quotes - Design choices also influence the mood of an office space. We know that colors have a psychological effect and different hues can be used to evoke emotions as energy or happiness. Use a blue or green for your lounge area to aid relaxation. Similarly an orange, beige or brown tone is ideal for the cafeteria while reds and yellows suit best for brain storming areas as meeting and conference rooms where new ideas are generated.

You may want to have your office walls inscribed with inspirational quotes to motivate your employees and keep them high on energy. All these help maintain the morale and result in happy employees who are more productive.

Open work areas & flexibility - Gone are the days of long bays and cubicles. People now want to work in an open and colourful set up. Offer your employees bright open work-spaces and the flexibility to sit and work anywhere. This enhances both creativity and productivity.

A warm Reception - Someone rightly said “You never get another chance to make the first impression.” The saying holds true in case of Office interior design. Your office reception is the first impression your client has about your organization and this first impression is often the last impression. A well designed reception area and a relaxing lobby can literally make or break the office mood. Be it a friend coming over for lunch with you or a client meeting, people takes you more seriously when the professional interiors do the talking. Add comfortable furniture to your reception lobby so that your guests feel instantly feel at home. An alluring first impression of workspace can add to your business.

Chalk Studio is the best office interior contractor in Gurgaon offering enticing office interior design solutions at the most affordable prices. For smart office spaces that your clients would love to visit and your employees would feel proud of, get in touch with Chalk Studio today. Log on to for more details.

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